Ein Ovdat

Road 40, near Midreshet Ben-Gurion.

About 5 km north to Chan Hashayarot is one of the most marvelous nature reservations of the Mount Negev - Ein Ovdat. It is famous not only for its magnificent canyon view and the multiple water sources, but also for and mainly because of the rich population of wild animals that live there.

The track can be taken in two ways:

Leave the car at Ein Ovdat’s car park, walk to the water pool and after a short rest, return. It is a 40 minutes - 1 hour walk over a comfortable and flat route.

A second option is to walk from the water pool via the stone steps for 30 minutes and end the track at the upper exit of the stream, right next to Chan Hashayarot. In this case, you should leave the car at the southern car park of Ein Ovdat or Chan Hashayarot’s car park. For those of you who are in good shape, it is worthwhile to finish the track.


The population of eagles in the reservation - it is only in the recent years that the eagles returned to nesting on the cliffs, and the rich mountain-goats population is still rehabilitating from the damages and destruction in the reservation caused by travelers on the last decay.

Please, respect the rules of the reservation and follow the supervisors’ instructions.

The track is a one-way direction from North to South for safety reasons. The Southern entry is allowed only for observation.

Fees - there is a fee at the place itself. Groups can get a discount.